3 Reasons for Church Playground Equipment

I get it; playgrounds are not cheap. You start with a simple idea: “Hey, let’s get a playground for our children to use after church, and suddenly there is landscaping, fencing, lights, playground surfacing, and the playground!

Is a commercial playground worth the investment for your church? Is it worth all the committee meetings, the fun runs to raise money, and the potential changes to liability and the like?

This is the part where you expect me, the marketing guy, to try to convince you that the playground is worth every penny. And yes, I will try to do that but don’t write me off just yet. After all, I am a dad to three kids ages 4 to 8. I regularly attend a church with a playground. I know firsthand how much that playground helps my kids burn off energy after church and how I can relax knowing they are playing somewhere safe under adult supervision.

The playground at my church was worth the investment.

3 Reasons

Let’s explore three reasons why church playground equipment is a great investment for your place of worship.

1) Release the Kids

I attend church regularly, so I know firsthand how squirmy kids get during a church service. By the end, their internal springs are wound tight and need to burn off some energy whether or not there is a place to do so safely.

I shudder as I remember my own days as a small child careening about the churchyard, grass staining my Sunday clothes, and, far more dangerous, sometimes running through the parking lot on nights.

Providing a safe place for children to play is really important. A commercial playground does just that. It provides a safe environment and encourages the children to be in one place, making it easier to monitor the play (you can read about my safety tips for church playground equipment here).

And let’s not overlook the wonderful mornings when the Sunday School teacher looks out the window and says, “Hey, it’s so nice out; let’s do Sunday School on the playground!” I remember those as magical times because we were at church but outside!

2) Release the Parents

I can’t tell you how nice it is to know my children are playing outside (when the weather is nice) on a well-made playground that an assigned adult monitors. It allows me to relax and linger after church and grab some much-needed adult interactions without the need to helicopter back and forth.

The parents in your place of worship will linger long after the service if they know they can relax and not worry about their children. This will require your members to have a plan to monitor and maintain the playground, but it is worth the effort.

Let’s pause here for a moment to talk about safety on the playground. Parents will only relax and linger if they feel their children are safe and out of their sight. How do you go about setting that up?

A good starting point is to create a roster of parents assigned to monitor the children each Sunday. These parents should undergo a background check and take their responsibilities seriously. If they are sick, they find a replacement. Also, do not assign this role to members of the youth group. This is for parents only.

There should be enough parents on the list so that they get plenty of Sundays off in-between shifts to socialize. The church as a whole should take this responsibility seriously and constantly remind its members to check the list for their turns and find replacements if needed.

3) Opportunities for Outreach

Assuming your place of worship does outreach to any kids in the local community, having a safe playground is a boon for those efforts.

At the grassroots level, having the playground open and accessible to the local community will foster goodwill (ensuring you have all the proper signage displayed). Local moms and dads will appreciate your church’s generosity if you make it known that people can come and play any day of the week.

If your place of worship does things like Summer Camps, Bible Schools, or other activities with that same idea, a beautiful, safe commercial playground can be the silent hero! It is a great place for games and fun during recess or a safe place for the children to congregate while waiting for their parents to arrive (assuming it is being monitored and tracked who is being picked up).


Church playground equipment is a big investment, but with some planning and preparation, you can reap the benefits of a playground. A properly monitored playground will provide a safe place for the children to play, allowing your families a chance to chat with their friends.

If you are unsure where to start searching for church playground equipment, a great starting point would be our playground packages. They are pre-planned playgrounds with swings, playground surfacing, and border. It is about as simple as it gets.

If you are more of a “talk to a real person” type of person, you are most welcome to pick up the phone and call our office. Blake and Katie would be happy to answer any questions you have about our King Swings church playground equipment.

Justin Doutrich

Dad to three kids, Justin knows how important it is for children to get lots of physical exercise. His time as a school teacher reinforced that idea. He is passionate about creating fun, enjoyable playgrounds that are safe but full of learning opportunities.

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