Playground Packages: How They Work

King Swings Commercial offers our commercial playgrounds in convenient packages so that you combine a playground or playgrounds with our swing beams in preplanned layouts.

What is a playground package?

A playground package combines playgrounds with swing beams and generally, but not always, includes playground surfacing and border. Let us create a few examples to flesh this out.

The Penny Saver

Let’s say you are shopping for a commercial playground for a daycare with about twenty children on a peak morning. Most of your children are between the ages of 2 to 5. Business has been good, and you now have the funds to replace your old metal playground that has been getting less and less safe.

With your children’s ages in mind, you are drawn to the Pioneer playground. However, you have done a lot of reading and have discovered all the great benefits that swinging on swings provides children. Thus, you really want a swing beam but aslo enough swings that there isn’t a lot of fighting over them.

Fortunately, your space is big enough to fit in 3 swing beams for a total of 6 swing positions. Between that and the Pioneer, you are good to go!

But now, what about playground surfacing? Your budget is being stretched a little thing at this point, so you decide to DYI the wood chips and border after the playground is installed.

Your playground package would include the Pioneer Playground itself and the three swing beams with the 6 swings of your choice. We would then deliver and install the playground, and you and your team would come in behind once we finish the project.

The Statement Project

Let’s say you are shopping for a commercial playground for an HOA that services a high-end development. The community has been asking for a playground, and with the current shift of people leaving big cities, you are seeing more and more people looking at homes in your community.

So to help those people commit and purchase, your HOA has decided to put in an absolute monster of a playground both as a way to entice prospects and make a statement to that annoying rival HOA across town.

To make this playground as epic as possible while being as friendly to as wide a range of ages as possible, you select a Rocketeer playground and a Pioneer playground. You also decide to get 4 toddler swings because you see many moms walking with strollers and a total of 8 belt swings split into two locations.

And since you are out to make a statement, you purchase our poured-in-place rubber flooring and our beautiful Beuta Block border.

Once the layout is determined, your package would include the two playgrounds, 6 swing beams, the playground surfacing, the border, and a few park benches and trashcans you add on.

Also, because you are within 6 hours of us, you let us handle the site prep as well. This means we do all the work, your whole project is taken under our wing, and you look like a hero once the playground is installed. That other rival HOA can see it and weep!

Of course, there are many middle-of-the-road playground packages, and these are two extreme examples. If you want to create your own playground package, here are the steps to follow. Or, give us a call, and we can help you out.

Plan your Space

A great starting point is walking about into your space with a tape measure and taking some basic measurements. To get an idea of how much buffer space you need, keep at least 6’ away from fences, walls, poles, etc. If you need to pass an inspection, there is no cheating regarding buffer space.

Once you take your measurements, a good idea is to snap a picture of your area to send to us once you are ready to reach out. That really helps us visualize the space, and it helps us factor in any slopes you have.

If your space is really uneven or full of nasty dips and bumps, you may have to get it leveled by a landscaper. This is a service we can help you with if you are within six hours of our Parkesburg location.

Plan your Budget

If you spend a little time on our playground packages page, you will get a good idea of what combination of items you are looking at will cost.

Don’t forget to factor in things like landscaping, any extra nice add-ons like benches or trashcans, lighting, security, fencing, etc. These things can add up.

You also do not want to forget your playground surfacing. While this is not the most fun part of your commercial playground, it is one of the most important. Leaving enough budget to provide a great playground surface is important for safety and passing any inspections.

Contact Us

Once you know what you want, it is time to contact us! We can help arrange your playground to obey all the special spacing rules and fit into your space.

King Swings Commercial playground packages help you with planning your commercial playground. Whether you select one of the preplanned packages or use them for inspiration, our team is ready to help you with any questions.

Blake Greenly

Blake Greenly has been a sales representative for King Swings Commercial since the launch of the new brand. He comes from a background of hard work and dedication that drives him to ensure his clients are satisfied through the whole process of buying a commercial playground.

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