What certifications do your commercial playgrounds meet?

Our playgrounds meet CPSC and ASTM standards.

Does King Swings Commercial also offer residential playgrounds?

Yes, if you visit our residential home page at www.kingswingsets.com, you will find our residential playhouse and swing set lines.

Can you make a custom commercial playground?

Custom commercial playgrounds are challenging as you must ensure all the pieces play nicely with ASTM codes. Our standard playgrounds are built to ASTM standards, which changes if we move pieces around.

We intend to offer customized commercial playgrounds in the future.

Do you offer inspections on other manufacturer's playgrounds?

Not at this point. However, if you need a King Swings Commercial playground inspected, we do have CSPI on staff who can perform the service.

How do I know if I need a commercial playground?

Ask yourself if you are installing in a commercial setting such as a church, school, etc. Next, check with your local ordinances, insurance provider, and any governing body on your project to see if the playground needs to pass an inspection. If so, you need a commercial-grade playground.

Do you cement the playground into the ground?

No, we do not cement the playground into the ground. We use large landscape spikes to anchor in the ends of the swing beams.

Why use a vinyl playground?

Vinyl playgrounds are durable and weather resistant. They look more approachable than a metal playground and, in general, are less expensive.

How does delivery and installation work?

Once you have placed a deposit, your playground will land on our scheduler’s desk. He will select a date and confirm with your project manager. We will require pictures showing the playground site is ready for installation. Then on delivery day, our crew will bring out the playground and install it.

What is the best type of playground surfacing?

Poured-in-place rubber flooring is the best product though it is the most costly. You can read more about playground surfacing options in our blog.