Meet the Authors

Want to learn about the authors cranking out the blog content here on King Swings Commercial?

Blake Greenly and Justin Doutrich work hard to bring you informative, understandable, and, hopefully, entertaining, content to read. Blake provides the ideas and context while Justin does the actual writing. Together, they aim to make this experience as painless and easy for you as possible.


Blake Greenly

Blake Greenly has been a sales representative for King Swings Commercial since the launch of the new brand. He first started working in sales part-time while finishing his Bachelor’s degree in business administration. He has a passion for maintaining and keeping his clients happy from the moment they pick up the phone to the moment the kids are enjoying the playground. This means that his customers are told all the accurate information 100% of the time. 

His friendly personality allows him to connect and empathize with his customers. If there is something that the customers need, he will do everything in his power to ensure they get exactly what they are looking for.  He comes from a background of hard work and dedication that drives him to ensure his clients are satisfied through the whole process of buying a commercial playground.

Our Mission:

King Swings Commercial creates, delivers, and installs hand-made playgrounds while keeping the process simple, clear, and enjoyable!


Justin Doutrich

Justin’s experiences as a father have taught him that kids need lots and lots of exercise. His experience in the residential playground world has taught him that he is not alone in struggling with how to handle the changes that technology is bringing to children’s play. That is why he is passionate about creating fun, enjoyable playgrounds, not just safe playgrounds. He believes safety is important, but children must be challenged and stretched and learn how to manage risk-taking to become responsible adults. He uses his experience as a small church school teacher to guide his thoughts and advice for schools and churches interested in commercial playgrounds.

While the majority of his time at King Swings was in office, he now resides in Halsey, OR as King Swings Commercials first remote employee (don’t screw this up, Justin!), and loves his family, cold plunges, weight training, and tabletop role-playing games.

Our Playground Series


The Forest Series is for small spaces and little children, but these small playgrounds do not skimp on fun. Perfect for projects where the average age of the children is 2-5, the Forest Series provides loads of fun and easy access for adults.


The Ocean Series contains our medium-sized playgrounds. Perfect for children 2-12, the Ocean Series has taller towers and fast slides. This series is perfect for projects with a medium amount of room and need to service a wide range of ages.


The Cosmos series contains our largest playgrounds. Both visibly impressive and packed full of fun, these playgrounds are meant for children 2-12 years of age. This series is perfect for high-traffic areas where a playground needs to be able to handle a crowd!

Who is King Swings Commercial?

King Swings Commercial had its genesis in Lancaster County, PA when Ben King started making residential playground equipment in his barn. The company has grown considerably under Elmer King, Ben’s son, and King Swings is now turning its proven product and processes to the commercial world.

King Swings has spent more than 30 years working with families in the residential sector. We learned much about what people like and didn’t like in a playground purchasing journey. People like clarity, quick responses, and no pressure. That is what we provide.

Our commercial swing sets and commercial playground equipment were designed by Certified Playground Safety Inspectors and are built to ASTM standards.