Never bought a commercial playground before?


Not sure how to get started? Ordering a commercial playground can seem a little overwhelming initially, but take heart; we broke it down into five easy steps for you! Check them out below!



With a project like a commercial playground, there is a lot to take in! Not only do you need to be familiar with what your project needs for certification requirements, but you also need to understand the difference between your surfacing options and how that affects your playground site prep!

That is what we are here for: we already experienced that overload and now have all the resources you need right here on our website. Browse our playgrounds, check out the helpful PDFs, download any resources you need, and make yourself look good as you present all this info back to your team.


Contacting our team is a great next step after you have familiarized yourself with our playgrounds. From here, our team can walk you through the next steps, answer any questions, or explain in plain English what some of these fancy codes mean.

We provide you with itemized estimates. This allows your team to have real numbers in front of them, and since our install crews are in-house, we can give you realistic lead times.


This image shows the Navigator playground from King Swings Commercial.

Purchasing step is where you ensure your team has their end of the playground squared away.  We will provide all the necessary documentation for you to move forward, but now is the time to get the green light from your team.

After you receive the go-ahead, you can place your purchase order with King Swings Commercial. We will walk you through your color options, take down a deposit, and get your playground finalized. The order then moves into the scheduling process.


This image shows wood mulch butted up against Beuta Blocks.

A correctly prepared site is critical to this project being successful. It is time to ensure your site is ready for us to deliver and install your playground. We will work with your site manager to confirm the site prep is completed before we deliver and install the playground.

We know that projects like these depend on many factors, so if your timeline begins to fall apart, let us know! We will do our best to accommodate your schedule, but communication is key!


After confirmation that the site is ready for installation, our install crews will deliver and install your playground. Depending on the size and the surfacing options you have chosen, this can take anywhere from hours to install up to a several-day project. After installation is complete, the final payment will be due.