Commercial Playground Equipment Warranty: What is it and How it Works

At King Swings Commercial, we care about clarity with our commercial playgrounds. This is why we display our prices without needing to submit your email and, if you talk to us on the phone, why we are passionate about ensuring you understand what you are getting, how the process works, and what to expect.

When it comes to warranties, we all know they are important, but how many of us actually read the fine print? It can seem a bit intimidating and, dare I say, pointless, as I think most of us have a built-in mistrust of warranties. They might have loopholes, make you queue behind endless wait times on the phone, or make you jump through annoying processes that make the warranty feel pointless.

How about King Swings Commercial’s warranty? What is it like? How does a claim work? What can you expect?

It boils down to this question: Will we take care of you if a problem arises?

In this blog post, we will explore King Swings Commercial’s warranty paragraph by paragraph and lay out the warranty claim process. The warranty can be found here: The Warranty.


The Warranty – Part 1

“King Swings warrants its swing sets used in residential and commercial applications. To receive warranty benefits, you must provide your original invoice as proof of purchase. Warranties are for the original purchaser at the original installation address. Any alterations, relocation, or improper installation of your play set will void the warranty.”

We require you to have your invoice for warranty work. This proves that the commercial playground is at the original location and that you are the original owner. If the playground were moved by someone other than our crew, this would void the warranty.

If you need to relocate the playground, please get in touch with your sales representative.

You should not perform modifications to your commercial playground equipment. If you add items that were not part of the design, the warranty will be voided, and your set may not meet ASTM standards or pass an inspection.

The most confusing part of this paragraph is the line about improper installation. This does not refer to the installation done by our crew but any installations that occur after our team installs the playground.

Basically, you need to keep your invoice and don’t move or modify the set unless you contact us first. Doing so will void your warranty.


The Warranty – Part 2

“King Swings warrants that the workmanship of your play set will be without fault for up to 6 years for vinyl sets. We extend a limited lifetime warranty on all pressure-treated lumber against decay & insect damage. All PVC plastic lumber is backed by our 20-year warranty against fading & discoloration. In addition, all canopies, sliding boards, metal components, swings, and accessories are warranted for 6 years from purchase for vinyl sets.”

This part is self-explanatory, but we want to clarify the 20-year warranty against fading. This is only for the vinyl sleeve. This is not a 20-year warranty against fading in general, as some swing set companies make it seem to be, but a warranty strictly on the vinyl.


The Warranty – Part 3

“King Swings products are not warranted as being suitable for a particular purpose. The suitability of the product is for the purchaser to determine. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, failure to properly maintain the play set, or damage resulting from misuse or abuse of the product. All damage done by acts of nature, such as lightning, storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, or any extreme weather conditions, is not covered.”

A good example of wear and tear is marks on your slides. If children go down the set in cleats or hard shoes or have something sharp in their pockets, it might leave a mark on the slide. This is normal and not covered by the warranty.

Your warranty does not cover vandalism or children willfully abusing the set.

If you would rather watch a video of this content, check out the video below. While it is geared for our residential swing sets, it also applies to our commercial line.

The Warranty – Part 4

“King Swings reserves the right to request photographs and/or physical evidence of the product claimed to be defective and to recover the product prior to any warranty work being authorized. All shipments of products returned for inspection will be paid for by the consumer. Labor and shipping fees may apply. If the defect is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, the manufacturer will remedy the warranty claim within a reasonable time frame. The remedy will consist of the repair or replacement of the defective piece unless it is not practical. If this would be the outcome manufacturer will reimburse the original purchaser for the value of the defective piece.”

This part of the warranty is about the process. In much simpler language, if you have an issue, take a picture or a video of the problem, and send it to [email protected]. Our customer service team will confirm reception and ask any clarifying questions. Once we have what we need, we will work on your issue.

If the issue is deemed covered by the warranty, we will schedule a work order and come out and take care of the problem. We reserve the right to charge a labor fee depending on the situation.

The following video goes into detail about our warranty process. Again, this one is geared toward our residential customers but will hold true for commercial playgrounds.

The Warranty – Part 5

“Adult supervision is recommended while children are enjoying their play set. All children must maintain a safe distance from moving play equipment. For safety and comfort reasons, the manufacturer reserves the right to make design & structural changes without notice.”

This part of the warranty notes that we have done our best to create and install a safe playground, but it is a partnership with the parents of the children who use the set. We can build the safest playground in the world, but it is all for nothing if children are allowed to play unsafely. Be sure to have proper signage with rules, age limits, and required supervision from parents.

King Swings Commercial wants you to have a full understanding of our warranty. If you have any questions, please call us at 717-687-8210 or email us at [email protected].

Blake Greenly

Blake Greenly has been a sales representative for King Swings Commercial since the launch of the new brand. He comes from a background of hard work and dedication that drives him to ensure his clients are satisfied through the whole process of buying a commercial playground.

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