Commercial Playgrounds and Trust

Trust has always been a crucial factor in human interactions. From the dawn of mankind, we have been looking at each other, the preverbal trade table between us, and asking ourselves, “Do I trust this guy enough to do this deal with him?”

Trust is a critical part of any business relationship. Now that we are all feeling our way through the internet age, many of us are talking to businesses that we physically will never enter or emailing people we will never be able to look in the eye and do a “vibe check” on them.

On the other side of the coin, the internet has provided us with so many ways to check up on someone’s reputation, but the conversations on reviews or chat boards are never nuanced or balanced. We have the Better Business Bureau, Trust Pilot, and other various websites to collaborate reviews, but it isn’t the same as testing someone’s handshake, body language, and if they “feel” good.

What even makes this more intense is when the amount of money is significant. I just recently purchased a pair of beautiful dice from a shop on IG that was “going out of business.” I never received the dice, but it cost me $2.93, so the time and effort it would take to get my money back never felt worth it. I really wasn’t that upset. But what if it was thousands of dollars? Or tens of thousands of dollars? Like the cost of a commercial playground? The more you risk, the higher the level of trust you need.

We at King Swings Commercial understand that most of you are finding us by a Google search, and at the back of your minds, you are asking yourself, “How can I trust this company that is located in Parkesburg, PA, to build, deliver, and install a commercial playground that will pass an inspection?”

Here are the reasons/proofs I believe can help build trust:

  • Our King Swings Roots
  • Our Dedication to our Customers
  • ASTM Standards

Let’s look at these one at a time, starting with a classic American origin story of a guy in a dusty barn who started making swing sets with his sons.

King Swings Roots


Ben King began King Swings 35 years ago in his barn in Strasburg, PA. Back then, it was just a small operation doing only wood playgrounds. However, as time passed, the business grew. He added vinyl playgrounds to his product line, and the business began gaining traction. When he turned the company over to his son, Elmer, it took off to a whole new level.

What does that mean for you? Several things.

You are working with a company that has been building swing sets for 35 years. Yes, our start was residential playgrounds, but we are using the same materials and techniques for our commercial line but just built to ASTM standards. While King Swings Commercial is new to the commercial playground world, we are veterans of the residential swing set world.


King Swings has hundreds of five-star reviews on Google. I dare you to compare our reviews to another company of a similar vein that offers vinyl commercial playgrounds. We learned how to service, communicate, and care for our customers in a way that has been appreciated by families all across the eastern states. We are taking that same level of customer care into our commercial line, leading to the next point.

Customers First

We get back to you. Imagine that, right, but you would be surprised how often we hear from our customers that other companies didn’t get back to them or were slow in doing so. That is not what we at King Swings Commercial are all about.

We understand what we are asking of you: to trust us with your money to create a safe and fun product. We understand how big that is; your playground is not just another playground to us. From the first time you chat, call, or email us, we want you to be thrilled with our responsiveness to your questions.

With our customer-first approach, we make sure our staff fully understand our playgrounds. We want them to be able to answer your questions immediately or know who to go to if you ask a real stumper of a question! The difference is staggering between talking to someone who fully understands the product and cares about your experience than mucking through a conversation with someone who doesn’t really care and is just clocking in.

ASTM Standards

When it comes to commercial playgrounds, there are certain standards that all commercial playgrounds must meet. These are called ASTM standards. For a more in-depth look at what ASTM is and what it includes, click here.

Commercial playgrounds that are built to ASTM standards are expected to meet codes. “What does that mean,” you ask, “Remember, I am unfamiliar with the playground world?”
Think about a certified organic food product or one that sports a gluten-free sticker. You have certain expectations of that product. The same is true of commercial playgrounds. There may be variances in the quality of material or construction, but if a playground says it is built to ASTM standards, you are being told it is built to the ruling safety standards.


When all is said and done, we at King Swings and King Swings Commercial want to treat you as we would want to be treated. So many of our practices and business processes are in place because we thought, “How would I want to experience this?”

That is why we display prices without needing to submit your email and why all of our PDFs are free to download, not locked away behind an email wall. It is why we are open and clear about our warranty and how the warranty works.

It is part of why we don’t have a shopping cart on our website: we don’t want to ask for the sale before you are well-educated, comfortable, and, dare I say, trust us.
King Swings Commercial crafts, delivers and installs the best vinyl commercial playgrounds. If you have any questions, call Blake at 717-687-8210 or shoot him an email at [email protected].

Blake Greenly

Blake Greenly has been a sales representative for King Swings Commercial since the launch of the new brand. He comes from a background of hard work and dedication that drives him to ensure his clients are satisfied through the whole process of buying a commercial playground.

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