Our Commercial Playground Materials: The Vinyl Difference

King Swings Commercial prides itself on making handcrafted commercial playground equipment with the highest quality and most cost-effective materials available. We aim to craft the most durable, safest, beautiful, and fun commercial playground set by sourcing most of our materials from the USA, building each set by hand, and then having our team deliver and install the playground.

Let’s explore the material King Swings Commercial uses to build our commercial playgrounds.

Exterior Vinyl Sleeve and Wood Interior: A Durable, Beautiful Combo

Our commercial playgrounds are built using pressure-treated Southern Yellow Pine inserted into a vinyl sleeve. The viny sleeve creates the unique white, clean look that separates us from traditional metal playgrounds. Durable, easy to clean, and protecting the wood underneath from UV rays, our vinyl sleeve provides a smooth, splinter-free, rust-free finish with a 20-year warranty against fading.

The yellow pine under the sleeve is one of the hardest softwoods. Since it is sourced in the USA, it is affordable yet durable. We use Culpeper Microprp Technology, a safe way to pressure treat wood, resulting in no ecotoxins or other environmental impacts. To read more about how we pressure treat our wood, click here.

Combined, you get durability, longevity, and ease of cleaning vinyl plus the strength of wood. A vinyl playground lasts longer than a wood playground, has no splinters, and is often much more affordable than a metal playground.

Trex® Decking: A Commercial Playground’s Best Friend

Nearly everyone recognizes the brand Trex®, and for good reason. They have built themselves up to be easily one of the most recognizable names in outdoor decking. Their durable, stain-resistant decking perfectly pairs with our commercial playground equipment.

Trex® decking won’t warp in the sun, splinter, or rot. Plus, each board is mold and mildew-resistant. Trex® is proudly eco-friendly. Made from a mixture of 95% recycled plastic film and reclaimed sawdust, a 500-square-foot deck contains about 140,000 recycled plastic bags!

We love Trex® for its traction, durability, and high value. It is the perfect match for our commercial playgrounds.

Commercial Spindles: Stronger, Taller, More Durable

Our heavy-duty polywood commercial spindles are CNC routed in our shop and are stronger, thicker, and taller than our residential ones. Each end is secured to the commercial playground by two lag screws at each end for four lag screws in total. They cannot be kicked, pulled, or yanked off your commercial playground.

Metal Components: Brackets, Climbers, Lags, and More

The metal components used in a King Swings Commercial playground are stainless steel and made in the USA. The pod climber is made from stainless steel, powder-coated, and made in the USA. The powder coating ensures a smooth surface for little hands. Corner brackets and other brackets for the swing beams are also powder-coated and made in the USA.

Slides: Have Fun on a Great Product

Our Avalanche and Super Spiral Slides are made by rotational molding. Each slide meets ASTM standards and is made in Pennsylvania, USA. These slides are tougher, thicker, and safer than most plastic slides on the market.

These slides’ high sides keep children (and adults) safe as they zoom down. The tapered end, or lip, catches the children before plopping off the ground. These slides are the perfect match for our commercial playgrounds.

Roofs: Materials that Got You Covered

Our commercial playground roofs are CNC routed in our shop. Each roof is made from polyboard, a heavy-duty material that resists fading and is durable. The shingle pattern is visually appealing, and the roof heights meet ASTM standards.

Rebar Anchors: Keeping Everything Secured Down

Our towers and swing beam frames are anchored into the ground with 36’’ rebar spikes. These spikes are hammered deep into the ground and then attached to the frame of the commercial swing set or tower with a lag screw. These rebar anchors keep everything secured.

Putting It All Together: Affordability, Durability, and Beautiful

Many schools, churches, daycares, or other facilities serving children find traditional metal commercial playgrounds costly. Sometimes, it seems the choice is made for them: they have to settle for a much smaller playground than desired or get a low-quality playground.

King Swings Commercial’s unique materials, process, and manufacturing fill that void. We offer durable, beautiful, safe commercial playgrounds at affordable prices that our in-house install teams bring to your site and install.

Call today to speak with a real person. Our sales team consists of certified playground safety inspectors who know our product inside and out and can answer any questions. King Swings revolutionized the high-end residential swing set industry with outstanding customer service, quality products, and stunning designs. We aim to do the same in the commercial playground world. Give us a call today!

Blake Greenly

Blake Greenly has been a sales representative for King Swings Commercial since the launch of the new brand. He comes from a background of hard work and dedication that drives him to ensure his clients are satisfied through the whole process of buying a commercial playground.

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