Commercial Swing Set: 3 Important Considerations to Get Started

While the list of things to consider may feel endless when looking at commercial playground equipment, are there some universal items you need to consider that apply to every commercial swing set project?

In this blog post, we will list three important things you should consider when shopping and purchasing commercial playground equipment. While not an exhaustive list by any stretch, these three things will get you started on the right path when shopping for commercial swing sets.

Our three universal considerations are:

  • The Children: How Old are They?
  • The Environment: Mother Nature’s Wrath
  • The Playground’s Location: Clear Site Lines and Safe Accessibility?

Let’s get started!

The Children: How old are They?

Depending on your situation, you may have a straightforward answer to this question. For example, let’s pretend you are a daycare searching for a commercial swing set. You specialize in caring for children ranging from 1-3 years old. This makes it simple: your children’s ages will remain constant as they grow up and leave your facility, and new, younger children will take their spots.

In a situation where the age range of the children who will use the commercial swing set doesn’t vary, the solution is simple: find and purchase a commercial playground created for that age range. In the above example, our Pioneer Playground would be a great solution. Its lower deck heights, easy access points, and simple challenges are tailored for younger children!

However, some situations require a bit of forethought. For example, what if you are a church or other house of worship? Your age range of children may change dramatically as new families start attending or your church hosts events throughout the year. The change could also be more gradual as one generation has large families, and the next does not. How do you plan for that?

Part of your answer may come from your other options. Do the older kids have a place to play basketball, softball, volleyball, or other “older” games? If so, it would be safer to plan your playground around younger children as the older kids have options as they outgrow the commercial playground.

But if the playground will be the only source of play for your children, then it is better to try to split the difference and get an excellent commercial playground for all ages. A commercial swing set like our Navigator Playground has amazing options for younger and older children. If that playground is too small, the Rocketeer is a stunning playground packed with fun features for big and little kids alike!

A good assessment of the children’s ages is a smart move when beginning your commercial playground equipment search. It can guide you to a suitable playground quickly.

The Environment: Mother Nature’s Wrath

They say it rains 160 days out of the year in my home town. While snow and blistering heat are not a factor where I live, constant rain, puddling water, and slippery surfaces are important considerations for locals planning out a new public playground.

Every location will have its unique weather conditions and challenges. If you are reading this in Arizona, you need a playground that can withstand seething heat. If you call Minnesota home, you need a commercial playground that handles freezing temperatures and lots of snow. If the ocean is within sight of where you are sitting, you should be concerned about salt water and big, driving storms. And sand. Sand gets everywhere.

Your local environment should influence what type of commercial playground you purchase.

How do King Swings Commercial’s playgrounds handle extreme weather conditions?

Our white and ivory vinyl commercial playgrounds do well in extreme heat. The wood inside the vinyl is pressure-treated and is covered by a lifetime warranty against rot or decay, which covers wet, soggy environments. Cold environments pose no threat, though any maintenance the playground needs should not be performed below freezing conditions. Our stainless steel hardware should resist rust, and our commercial playgrounds are extremely heavy, allowing high winds to flow around but not damage the playground.

When shopping for a commercial swing set, make sure it will thrive in your local environment! It is a significant investment for you or your community, so be sure to ask about your local weather challenges and how the commercial playground will hold up against them.

The Playground’s Location: Are there Clear Site Lines and Easy Access?

We all have seen a toddler perform what I call “The Dive and Dash.”

As soon as the car is parked, the toddler, now able to unbuckle himself, dives from the vehicle and dashes towards wherever the fun thing is in front of him, heedless of any danger. Mom or Dad dives after the child, purses, phones, and sunglasses flying in the mayhem.

When considering where to put your commercial playground equipment, think about the above scenario. Is there anything potentially dangerous between the parking lot and the playground? Does the family have to cross a road, even if it is just the lane into the parking lot? Is the playground near a package pick-up, drop-off, or service door that could have workers coming and going?

The location of your commercial swing set is an important part of keeping everyone safe.

For example, I attended one church where the playground stood a good way from the main building. Not only was the distance concerning, but an outside picnic pavilion blocked my view of the playground.

I am sure many factors went into why this particular playground was placed there, but as a visitor and a parent, I was uncomfortable sending my children out to play. They were too far away, and I couldn’t see them clearly.

I have written an in-depth post about important safety steps churches and other houses of worship can take to protect their children. You can read it here.

When choosing your commercial playground’s location, ensure families have safe access, that it isn’t unnecessarily far away, and that parents have clear site lines to the playground. This helps keep everyone safe.


Considering the ages of the children who will use the commercial swing set, your local environment, and where you will place your playground are essential first steps in your commercial playground planning.

If you have any questions or need help thinking through these considerations, we are here to help!

King Swings Commercial handcrafts vinyl commercial playgrounds in Pareksburg, PA. We are a manufacturer direct and have been making swing sets for 30+ years. Each playground is delivered and installed by our in-house crews.

Justin, the author, has been working in the playground industry for some time now, and his experience as a school teacher and father helps him guide others in their playground shopping journey.



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